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Welcome to FILLASEAT New Jersey

 When entertainment venues - shows, concerts, and events here in New Jersey - have unsold tickets and seats to fill, they come to FILLASEAT. FILLASEAT then offers members the chance to reserve these tickets for FREE! 

FILLASEAT, America's popular private seat-filler membership program providing FREE event tickets to members is in more than 30 major U.S. markets, including Las Vegas, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Cleveland and Denver, is now in...
Northern New Jersey!
If you live north of Mercer/Ocean County, this is the place to be!
Southern New Jersey Members register and login at 
FILLASEAT arranges complimentary seating at a variety of events for members to attend when a performance or event is in previews, underpublicized, expecting the attendance of reviewers, or would just like the benefits of a full house. Offers can range from live theater, music venues, dance, special community events, sporting events, comedy clubs and more. It's a grab bag of entertainment exploration and fun!
For one low annual fee, FILLASEAT members enjoy "Members Only" website access to scores of shows and events - all at No extra charge. Duet members may reserve up to two seats per available event, Quartet members can reserve up to four. Annual memberships start at just $89.95. A pair attending even one or two shows or events can more than make up for the cost of an entire year's membership ...and, yet, the shows, events and ticket offer just keep coming!
Membership benefits include:
  •  NO per ticket cost
  • Members' parties are seated together
  • An online reservation system - no coupons to print or present
  • Ticket pick-up at venue Box Office
  • No limit on how many different events you may attend
Click MEMBERSHIP RULES and FAQ to learn more about FILLASEAT. Then, click JOIN to become a member.
For our Entertainment Partners

Do you represent a theater, show, concert, sporting or other event and want to know more about our no-cost, no-obligation seat filling service?  Click CONTACT and send us an e-mail for more information (be sure to include your phone number!) or to offer seats. We look forward to "filling seats and bringing new life to your events!"

 FILLASEAT is now in more than 30 major U.S. markets coast to coast., a trade name of Velvet Rope Enterprises LLC, is an independently

owned and operated affiliate of

 FILLASEAT  P.O. Box 72023  Las Vegas, NV 89170